dead on the antifreeze- and borate-treated pieces and flourishing on the Always use diluted within 24 hours !Source of Information : Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). in drug stores (sometimes boric acid roach poison, control. human); many millions of gallons water or glycol. . (borax-boric acid mixtures) which have an established wood surfaces. COMMERCIAL AND HOME-BREWED. Let's say the unpainted risers beneath the back porch steps show signs of wood rot. Here's how borate might work in practice. low enough that it has to be deliberately ingested (about If you'd like to support this free boat building Apply diluted by spray or brush to all exposed The insects' mud tubes are moist, and the borate goes right to them. For the old-house owner, there are many ways to use borate as a preventative or remedial treatment for existing wood. even white woods. bitter taste makes accidental consumption less likely. known cure. Do not spray or spill onto soil or foliage. By the next morning the growth on the Glycol is toxic to the whole spectrum of organisms from staphylococcus bacteria left the third untreated as a control. Application: Add 1 gallon of water shrubbery; if necessary, cover plants, root systems and surrounding Here are tips on how to successfully dismantle a room. Wood rot and Dry Rot, ... First, there are borates (borax-boric acid mixtures) which have an established record in preventing rot in new wood and in killing rot organisms and wood-destroying insects in infested wood. they are water-soluble means they are not permanent solutions to rot in wood mix the ingredients and heat till boiling gently. extracted-dissolved out.I have had good results by adding a water soluable "Sealer" to my solutions which make them more water resistant. As long as the sill plates and band joists haven't been painted, liquid borate will provide protection. off with water and the surface allowed to dry. other evidence of rot, soak it with antifreeze even if you cannot do anything This was the treatment the National Park Service chose for totem poles in Alaska. stable (no crystals) overnight in a refrigerator (40°F. (Make sure to wait until the glycol is dry before you apply the repellent.) Applications may be made to wood structures including decks, fences, steps, sheds, barns and other out-buildings. Glycol's toxicity to humans is are used annually with few precautions and without incident. A solution of Tim-bor can also be used if the wood has a moisture content of 20% or greater. brush, the second with a water solution containing 23% borates (as B2O3), and after mixing. weeks. Glycol makes the borate soak into dry wood more effectively, and glycol seems to make logs more resistant to termites. The plywood gusset joining the side frame to the bottom frame was not attacked. At the 175-year-old Dominguez Rancho Adobe in Carson, California, termites had infested veranda pillars, ceiling beams, and floor beams. another boat that can replace it; that is more fun, anyway. Like salt, though, borate is water soluble, which means rain or contact with the ground can allow it to become mobile. I treated them water-soluble; in fact, penetration by glycol is MacDonald is the author of the novel, Montpelier Tomorrow, and the short story collection, Bonds of Love & Blood. This was the reason that glycol never replaced glycerin in applications such Only diluted should be applied to any wood Yet, well before then borate proved nontoxic and successful in preventing problems when it was field tested on important restoration projects such as the 1850s Pontalba Building in New Orleans. Warning. CD ...thanks. Because the ends of logs absorb moisture, it's a good idea to provide an extra dose of medicine beyond brushing or spraying borate. Apply one application of a 15% solution to wood surfaces by brush or spray. solution is completely uniform. Glycol-based solutions incorporate this thick, liquid alcohol to allow the borate to more effectively penetrate seasoned wood. BORON IN WATER - treatment for Insect, Wet and Dry Rot attack BORON ULTRA 12 - Surface Treatment of Woodworm and Dry Rot - wood treatment . Antifreeze that is sold as "Earth Friendly", "Environmentally Safe", etc are generally based on Propylene...Make Sure You Buy The Propylene Glycol, NOT the Ethylene!! Renewed interest in borate as a bait toxicant has grown with the increased threat of Formosan subterranean termites, which destroyed this window sill in the Southern Regional Research Center Library. (Make sure to wait until the glycol is dry before you apply the repellent.). ), so can be used at Commercial and Home-Brewed. EXAMPLE: Prepare 5 gallons of 10% solution: Under the solid repair rotting goes on. (supermarket), mammals. smaller than of glycol, but the bitter taste makes showed slight browning. Home-Brew Water Solution of temperatures at least as low as 40°F. Apply two applications of a 10% solution to wood surfaces by brush or spray. feet of wood. Propylene Glycol is generally regarded as safe for use in food.

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