Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Related: When Thor Fought Marvel's Version of Superman, Who Won? He’s also just as smart as Bruce. Namor vs Superboy-Namor beat the {frick}ing Hulk, Superboy cant stand against him. Superman is known for many things and one of the biggest and most important things he's known for is just how powerful he is. Who wins this fight if all 4 heroes are without there superpowers.. Like in the Superman 2 movie when Superman lost his powers. Icon may have the edge though because he can charge his blows to make them even more powerful and create sheilds. Thanos has a lot going for him. As long as its not more than a couple days Superman is going down, 6: Again, the length of the sundipping matters but Sentry can take it if its less than a couple days, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. He didn't have the Gauntlet or a Cosmic Cube, just his own titanic power. Who will win in a fight between Blue Marvel and Superman? He is the ish. Though not as much a stomp as Void Sentry vs SDSupes, especially if it's with the Power Cosmic - that shit's a step below Odin's Tier. While powers don't make the hero, they certainly help and Superman's powers give him more options than just about anyone out there. 14 wins (28.6%) Blue Marvel Adam Brashear: power stats . Superman can win in a physical fight, but in a mental one, Xavier is easily the victor. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Blue Marvel vs Superman. Cookies help us deliver our Services. O_o. This Marvel Vs. DC Poll Is Going To Really Make You Think Before You Vote DC Poll Is Going To Really Make You Think Before You Vote It's not … Sentry vs Superman-Sentry wins, at max power Sentry make Superman look like a bug, even at half of his potential strength, Supes hasn't gotta chance. not that in any of those 10 fights, it's an easy battle for Supes. There are few out there who could stand up to a serious Superman. Silver Surfer could actually beat more than half those on the DC side by himself. Blue Marvel punched out Hyperion, Sentry and Ultimate Hulk no pain. Most people make the mistake of thinking that the only thing that makes Thanos so powerful are the objects of supreme power that he's always seeking, like the Infinity Gauntlet, but that's not even close to the truth. Thanos, in the end, always wins. His ability to plan and his flexibility in changing those plans have ensured victory for him many times over. In fact, he relishes it. Power like Thanos has, combined with his prodigious intellect and skill, make him nearly unstoppable. Both seem Kick@$$ to the fullest extent, their blows would shake the world. While Kal-El gets his abilities from yellow sunlight, Hyperion is powered by cosmic radiation. @ecstaticgrace: only the continuity counts, not the Author. Supermex . Gladiator has huge potential and a bigger potential block.5: The marvel guys really do take this, considering Sentry is a reality warper.6: Sentry. they're the same guy. If worst came to worst, Superman would have no problem calling on his friends for help... and by friends, he would basically mean the vast majority of the heroes of the DC Universe. Icon is on par with superman or abit more powerful. This all depends on how strong the Superman Icon was fighting is. Regardless of the storyline, Hyperion's powers are the same across all his iterations, and they are basically identical to Superman’s. Void Sentry has all the same powers as sentry. I think it could go either way unless someone can show something that will put Icon above Blue marvel, because from what I saw of Icons recent appearance in JLA He (Icon) didn't seem that strong because when he punched superman he hurt his wrist. 21 MEPHISTO Superman has tangled with evil in the likes of Lex Luthor and Zod, but he may be out of his league with Marvel's literal devil. Thanks to his extensive time as an overall character, Superman has easily accomplished far more within the DC universe… Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. Blue Marvel vs Superman. How can Supes penetrate that durability? RELATED: X-Men: 5 Members Thanos Would Beat In A Fight (& 5 He Would Lose To).

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