Then, Burger King France makes fun of Maurizio Cattelan’s latest work, complete with a theatrical blow from another situationist artist, David Datuna, who actually ate it. The best social media stories & campaigns from February 2020. For former Vine users, you can expect a similar experience with Byte keeping all videos limited to six seconds and providing the hallmarks of a social media platform – individual profiles, feeds, explore pages and sharing options. A well-planned social media campaign helps brands create awareness, build a community, and drives sales. Wise men don’t drink and drive A lot of songs are centered around driving home for Christmas. Also, because Spotify created summaries for their artists as well, they were able to leverage bands who have millions of followers on social media to spread the word even more. 14:38. Via the #WhatsYourName hashtag, Starbucks wanted to honor and respect the name that each customer wanted to be referred to as. Let’s take a look. The campaigns we gathered include: Hubspot; Drift; Spotify; Upwork; Dropbox for Business; IDA Ireland; Cisco; Airtable; QuickBooks; Shutterstock; Bonus: See a dozen more B2B examples in our 2020 Guide to B2B Social Media Strategy. More information can be found in our Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy. A great social media campaign has the power to raise awareness of your brand, strengthen connections between you and your audience and increase sales. of deletion], with no mention of a specific process of ‘certification’”, as Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer later told the UK parliament in 2018. By showing its core customer base exactly where they stood on major issues, Starbucks might have lost a few customers, but they gained more – and they also gained respect. #BBCdad returns on screen with interruptions for a Twitter campaign. Transgender campaigns that foster an inclusive society. Memorable brands are the ones who know how to engage with their target audience effect... Inspirational Social Media Campaigns from Fashion Brands, Amazing Instagram Story Ads From The Creative Brands, Pantone Will Present Its Color Commentary On Social Media During Super Bowl, McDonald’s Prepared “Iconic Days” For Each Time In Instagram Stories, Burger King Makes It To The Duct Tape Trend And Makes Fun Of Maurizio Cattelan’s $120,000 Banana, Spotify Unwraps 2019’s Music Streaming Data And The Most Odd Tracks With Its Year-End Campaign, Small Agency Of The Year’s Winner Has Re-created Nike’s Famous Jogger Campaign, Glowing, Glowing, Gone: Adobe and Pantone Created A Color That Stands For The Climate Change Over Corals, Dove Is Proud Not To #ShowUs Unrealistic Images Of Women In Media, With The Help Of Getty Images, Airbnb And Pinterest Expose Travel Guidebooks For Every Traveler. Byte can’t yet match all the bells and whistles of its biggest rival, Tik Tok, which has AR filters, music and bonus features, but what it lacks in tools it will make up for in monetisation options for creators, according to Hofman. Probably in the fact that there are millions of businesses trying to sell the same products as yours – at a better rate in a quicker time with higher quality. Read more here. Because it makes your brand more discoverable since no one else is using it. In a world where customers are increasingly selective about which brands they shop with, this is really important for future sales. Despite all the progress and innovations, marketing still remains a numbers game, at least to some extent. The #WeMakeToday campaign is a series of spots supported with a launch video that focuses on the variety of content and diversity of creators on the platform. Massive corporation + TikTok = silly dance videos? Through its Off-Facebook Activity tool, users will now have access to a summary of the information other businesses send Facebook about them; with the option to clear their accounts. Maybe they’ll spark something new for your brand! Last year, Terri and Sandy celebrated the transition …, This year, Pantone announced that “Living Coral” was the Color of 2019 and on the contrary, the information is given that coral reefs are dying uncontrollably. The second coming of Vine is finally with us. Over the past decade, management consultancies have increasingly intruded onto agencies’ traditional turf, competing for media budgets and marketing operations engagements. Let’s dive in. If you can join forces with a relevant influencer (or even an up and coming platform), your next social media campaign could take off into the stratosphere. A startup is like a baby. Coffee is the daily routine for millions of people, it’s the base of memes, Instagrammable quotes and most will say they can’t start their days without it.

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