Narrower and wider stances aren’t the only things possible on our Belt Squat Machine. $7.99 shipping. California 96. South Carolina PLEASE SEE ALL INFORMATION BEFORE VISITING OUR STORES LEARN MORE MISSISSAUGA STORE CLOSED LEARN MORE, The Treadmill Factory, Fitness Equipment Superstores, General Inquiries: Email:, Media Inquiries: Email: This Belt Squat Machine helps build dynamic hip explosion with no shoulder or spine loading. Belt squats are not only great for athletes looking to build lower body strength, but also they can be beneficial for those who have injuries to their upper body. Washington, D.C. Gorila Fitness - Bodybuilding, Fitness & Gym equipment supplier in Canada. FBI / CIA / Homeland Security / all other government agencies, It’s a given that you squat on a Belt Squat Machine, but the Legend Fitness, Narrower and wider stances aren’t the only things possible on our Belt Squat Machine. Pivoting handles accommodate exercisers from 4’8” to 7’ tall. Attach the belt to a low cable, walk back about ten feet, and start squatting. The two window displays measure in either one pound or one kilogram increments for single station units and 1/10 pound or 1/10 of a kilogram increments for the infinity series. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY CARDIO, HOME GYMS & FUNCTIONAL UNITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR INSTORE PURCHASE. Since 2010, Bells of Steel has been providing high quality, affordable gym & fitness equipment for commercial and home gyms in Calgary and across Canada. The Belt Squat Machine comes with an adjustable heavy duty belt. local distributor, please click here. Attach a pair of web handles and do pull-throughs, or use a V-grip to do deep grip pulls. Leverage Squat Machine. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Spud Inc Adjustable Front Squat Harness - Use on Belt Squat Machine Or Low Econo Pulley. Exporting any piece of Keiser equipment It’s a given that you squat on a Belt Squat Machine, but the Legend Fitness Belt Squat Machine (3217) has a wide, thick rubber platform that makes it possible to perform various stances that may not work on other machines. Virginia An industry first. The Dead Lift Bar is designed specifically for the Keiser Air300 Belt Squat. An industry first. All rights reserved. With a belt squat, your legs get a screaming good workout while your back, shoulders, and arms get some recuperation time. Since it’s a solid platform and not separated footplates or boxes, users can take a close stance, an athletic stance, or even a sumo stance. The large platform allows for a staggered stance, split squats, and even stationary lunges or box squats. Keiser equipment is air powered (pneumatic), meaning lighter, quieter equipment in your facility. Made in Canada with High Quality North American Steel; Heavy Duty Commercial Grade Equipment made with 11 gauge steel tube frame ; Foot Print (Approx) - 87" L x 51" W x 67" H ; Belt Squats provides the advantage of performing the free weight squat without the applying undue stress of having a bar on the spine thus providing a safer training method. Hawaii The most popular way to perform hip belt squats without a machine is to stand on two benches or boxes in a "V" formation and hang a weight from a dip belt. The rigid frame of the Belt Squat Machine is made with 2×2- and 3×3-inch, 11 gauge steel. Operational Limited Chambly's Warehouse is closed until further notice, we will make no exceptions. Operational Limited All requests will be treated as fast as possible. And because it’s plate-loaded, there’s no pendulum action to worry about. With a footprint of only 24 square feet (2.2 meters), the Keiser Stretch Corner is capable of accommodating a wide array of stretches while occupying minimal floor space, allowing you to regain square footage inside your facility. Canada It's easy to do alone, there's no need to stand on risers, and you can choose whatever stance width is most comfortable for you. Office:(865) 992-7097, © Copyright new Date().getFullYear()>2010&&document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Legend Fitness, Location: Featuring magnetic-resistance technology, our groundbreaking M Series Indoor Bikes, M5i Strider Ellipticals and M3i Total Body Trainers feature Bluetooth® technology and continue to lead innovation among the cardio equipment industry. You can even hook up a lat pulldown bar and do Zercher squats! To find a Demo Van in your location, click here to find your local distributor, Keiser Corporation | 2470 S. Cherry Ave | Fresno CA 93706, Perform different squat movements with the accessories kit, Up to 800 lbs / 363 kg of resistance at the push of a button, New wider base offering diverse programming opportunities and training at optimal speed, Pivoting handles to accommodate users of all heights (including 7 ft / 2.1 m), Large digital displays with resistance and counted repetitions, Smooth Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance. To find your Atlantis strength equipment are renowned by respected experts and strength coaches for there unique and comfortable feel and high degree of customization. The Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE) Pick-up terminals are open and following latest safety recommendations. Request a visit from our NEW Keiser Demo Van and “Demo the Keiser Difference” – in the convenience of your own facility. Oregon There was a great article, Hip Belt Squats: The Anabolic Equalizer written by Dennis B. Weis several years back discussing this method. 4.2 out of 5 stars 39. Rhode Island Notify me of Keiser Corporation news, events and offers via Email, Keiser will never share your personal information with third-parties, This field is required. To some, the Belt Squat Machine is as elusive as Bigfoot; they’ve heard it exists, have maybe seen some photos, but haven’t actually seen one in person. Join our email list for exclusive deals and new releases! Unless, of course, you don’t what people to start thinking Bigfoot actually exists, too. The Best Squat Machines & Leg Press for Sale. Washington West Virginia Indoor Tire Flipping Machine. If you would like to conduct an advanced search to find your sales rep,  use the "Advanced Search" button below. Toll Free:1 (866) 753-4363 It’s possible to get a. The belt squat is designed to execute great form during your workout and enables users to lift heavy without any load travelling through the lower back.

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