Seung-Jae not only held Mi-eun's son hostage, he also twice tried to kill someone he saw as his romantic competition. You have been so good to us lately! In short I'll miss the show, it was fun to watch. (Funny I can't seem to tag you!). Yoo Seung Ho’s character realized that and let go, it was such a brave decision that really shows you how much he cared for her. sigh. Tae-sung enters, in shock at the news that Madam Shin tried to kill Gun-wook. He said he's always treated her like his own, but he married Madam Shin after Tae-ra had already been born. WHY? This delivers a huge blow to Gun-wook, as well as Tae-ra, who has overheard. I don't think it was super great, but I loved the characters and their interactions, and it was just a fun way to spend some time every weekend. Se-yeon reminds her Hee-jin is in the countryside anyway, an assures Mi-do that she’s doing well. That maybe, there really is a dirty SWAT team somewhere, among the dirty cops that do exist in our world. Nicely done. Because she liked the character she drew? If he left it behind, then he has retired as an agent, it was his last mission as agent K with NIS. KNG's acting in this last episode is awesome. Just like I enjoy the bromance, I like that these two people just kind of get each other without the assumption that some huge romance/love triangle must happen even if she is his huge fan. Mo-nae lets herself in, further incensed at the sight of YET another woman making out with Gun-wook. Tae Soo saunters casually into the warehouse, ahead of Woong Chul. Moments later, authorities barge in to arrest the NIS leader. I wasn't that keen on the character in the beginning because he was such a diva, but he stealthily grew on me the same way he grew on Agent K. The show promised bromance and delivered it in spades. (Oh, is he the new NIS director?) It wasn't until the final episode that I got motion sickness so I can't throw the entire project in the trash... unlike other dramas I've seen(even recently). In a bit of dramatic irony, she points out that his rope would have taken him to heaven, which would imply death. It’s undeniable that such black markets exist, and such practices exist. I thought that fit the Crazy Dog label nicely. She laughs sadly at Min’s excitement over being praised, but then we see Min recorded a second video right after where he tells Se-yeon that their wedding is good to go as long as she says yes and he begs her to wear his ring soon. He has seemingly come to grips with her choice, assuring her that he won’t come looking for her anymore so she can go and be happy with Gun-wook. Park Bo-young is always a delight and I’ll never turn down seeing her perform. Tae-ra’s voice starts wavering with emotion as she says she’ll try to call him Tae-sung. }); And, see, this is why I liked the ending. When we fade back in, it’s some unspecified time later. And you’re very right.. while it’s easy to point out what I didn’t think worked so well for the show, it’s actually really hard to offer a solid, detailed alternative that would’ve worked better than what was served up. I'm sour. I am glad Kichul is also doing the right thing, by the law and by the rules. Maybe that’s one more reason to have a woman on the team? They could have gotten rid of Do-ha and I would have been perfectly happy. Everyone put on an amazing performance and I felt sorry for Siwan’s character. . As for the phone call, I think it might be from team leader Jang who asked him to return to Korea and report to NIS. But yes, it takes a lot of guts and faith to jump in! if (d.getElementById(id)) return; That is how I interpreted the ending. The housekeeper calls out to her and hands her Min’s phone to look into, calling her Se-yeon, before correcting herself. The note is addressed to So-dam, but the contents are meant for Tae-ra — a DVD of Dirty Dancing, for example, recalls her memory of her long-ago day of playing hooky. The hurt you caused someone while living recklessly doesn’t get erased. This ending totally caught me off guard! Do-ha pleads with him to let the two men continue their conversation, calling it their chance to uncover Songsan’s dirty connections. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I enjoyed the Show and Park Hae Jin is just SO pretty! In the end, everyone is honest, and yes, justice prevailed by the law and by the rules! I felt bad because of all the problems the production had-but I've been only following dramabeans-haven't watched a single episode. XD Someday, TEN, I will appreciate you! It looks like Seol-woo’s hopes for getting some time with Do-ha go unfulfilled—Seol-woo’s followed Do-ha to the set of Last Love, but she continues to blow him off for work. It’s also more cerebral and nowhere near as ‘action’ as Bad Guys. Department Head Jang looks like he’s there against his will, protesting that he can’t accept the suit since it goes against ethics rules. This is also my interpretation of the red dot disappearing. When Woon-kwang asks Seung-jae for a response to the recording, Seung-jae insists that he’s innocent and calls the recording fake. It’s no wonder that things like teamwork and discipline were hard to establish from the get-go. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Thanks for finishing this up @Sunny and @LollyPip though hardly anyone seems to have finished watching it. Oh, Bad Guy, you leave me with so many what-ifs. The man had laughed that’s not how it works and reminded Min that he’d considered Abyss a present. It aired on OCN from December 16, 2017 to February 4, 2018 on Saturdays and Sundays at 22:20 ( KST) time slot. A body is found by the water: Gun-wook. THanks for telling me that it wasn't really worth the watch. She answers that both are doing well, assuring him that “that child” will return someday. He pretty much suffered and suffered. Despite its shortcomings, though, Show remains an interesting and engaging watch. I will have to disagree with you on Hae Jin’s character in CINT, the character is rather scary and manipulative. Since I was never sold on this pairing, I would love to see one where the person he falls in love with is actually interesting, hopefully with a better actress who is willing to do more with her character. That development would certainly put the kibosh on wedding bells. The writer tried (and in the eyes of many) succeeded in creating an illusion. Director Im walks into the 58th floor of Songsan, where the TV’s already turned on to Seung-jae’s show. Very nicely done show. Loved the coin motif too. I personally don't think LMH could pull it off better than KNG, partly because the character is not just for him. Ji-wook glares at everyone as he’s escorted to his seat. Yes, Park Hae-jin, I’ll miss seeing your face every week, too. On his way to the airport, Seol-woo plays with his tracker coin, which Do-ha had given back to him when they said goodbye. I totally concur re: Prosecutor Dong-hyun's survival. I watched the majority of the drama, I loved how Jaejoong’s acting improved with time. However for whatever reason the balance shifted to the romance and bromance having equal weight, or perhaps the romance taking precedence. He takes a few steps toward her, but she shrilly yells for him to stay away. On the shallow end of the scale, I love that Tae Soo is the coolest – and arguably the most formidable – of our mad dogs. Don't mean to be morbid but....just saying. The ladies in Man x Man were all such great women! If a dangerous man comes my way who is like Agent K, I'm in! Solitary eating can be such a powerfully sad image in dramas (it comes in just below the crying-into-food imagery on the Pathetic-o-Meter — which, we might note, Tae-sung has also done). Even our bad guys, acting like kids on their way to prison! The whole ending just makes me question even more about humanity. It seems to me that the ghost community has great bonds. Is this what we call justice, retribution or karma- whatever you want to call it- when the rich happily enjoy his/her life despite their own wrong deeds? Which is when Mo-nae, back from the States and wearing a peeved expression on her face, arrives at the apartment. SJ moved between them to pick up his son. Woon-kwang peeks over and insults Sang-shik’s new look before blowing him off. And yet, it all looks beautiful. SJ could have revealed on air that it was Seol Woo and Woon Kwang who were 'threatening' him, and this would have called their bluff over the 'bomb'.

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