Thank you. Focused, helpful and succinct. However, when things get out of hand it is a different matter altogether. That way, you at least have some back-up. However, there are few things more annoying than when your delivery gets lost in the post. Then, if anyone finds out what it is, they can get into anything they like! I had been looking for a good motivational podcast to listen to every morning when I found this one; it’s short enough to fit into my morning routine and provides great insight to start my day! These days, most of our purchases happen online. One of the hardest internal debates anyone has ever had to deal with. My next step is choose a little 7 min job every day to do while listening ... maybe even sort out my garage ! Hey! Listen, we know that cleaning the office microwave is too much to ask. I listen to a few of these 7 min pods casts every morning whilst I’m getting ready for work. Join the Happy Nation! The truth is, no matter how good your life is, there is always something which can end up annoying you. No one wants to be saddled with that chore and that is fine. Stuff like Netflix, Sky Plus and illegal online streaming has ruined our ability to be patient when it comes to television. This is great for the most part, saving us money and time. Great way to start the morning. I’ve been listening to it every day for six months now and every episode has helped me improve and become better. Toss it. And now they are lost forever, and you are destined never to see that person again. Junk mail. Why?! They've recently added a replay feature to the app, but the person gets a notification to tell them you're replaying it, and that's nearly as bad as screenshotting it. from United States of America, - Advice from people who have never been in the same situation. 1. Take care. Have your fun in the sun without disrupting the ecosystem. Topics are clear and concise. Thank you so much for this episode! Subscribe via Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | YouTube. I love getting a short boost of motivation and positivity in the morning. It's not a big deal. The messages are uplifting and are my go-to when I’m feeling down or overwhelmed. Fantastic Podcast short and direct great for anyone who want to achieve things in life Keep up the good work. Remain calm. The only real solution to this problem is to try and plan ahead with your shopping. I feel like it really motivates me for the day and keeps me thinking positively. Nooooo….every piece of chocolate is precious and then this happens. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top ten most annoying everyday problems – and what you might be able to do about them. The pain and suffering you'll have to go through to untangle this is just not worth it. Everybody hates you. That way, you can at least have a home tyre fitting. Some of the problems are found in outside environments; others are introspective. I love that Clyde gives access to the full length audios/videos. Great podcast!! Time remaining on the microwave from someone taking their food out early. They're talking to your parents and you want to go in to get some food, but you're not in the mood to make any small talk. You better just hope you can skip it after 5 seconds and not end up on one of the videos that don't let you skip any of it and make you watch the full 30 seconds of whatever TV ad I went onto YouTube to avoid in the first place. Succinct and sweet... not to mention information-packed and very motivational episodes. The toaster was having a bad day. A simple guide to living a less annoying life. Getting change back on top of cash so they slide around on top of the bills. I love how every episode starts with a thought of the day and is packed with the most incredible information you could possibly get for the day. Life is beautiful even though it comes with its own set of common everyday problems. And you know you're not getting back up again to get it. Stepping in dog muck. Then, if anyone finds out what it is, they can get into anything they like! The Design Of This Water Fountain Lets The Water Flow Down So Dogs Can Drink Too. Okay obviously there is, but you get my point. The only negative I would say about it is 7min is not long enough.

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