To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. is true that the Saudi stance reflects the reluctance to even discord with the Brotherhood. But The country is officially a Muslim nation and most Saudi Muslims are Sunni. Dhahran (Al-Ẓahrān), near the Persian Gulf coast in Al-Sharqiyyah province, is the administrative centre of Saudi Aramco (Arabian-American Oil Company), and nearby Al-Khubar and Al-Dammām are important commercial coastal towns. The constitution of Saudi Arabia, which is based on the Quran and the Sunna, establishes the country as an Arab Islamic State. Last week, Saudi Arabia's Council of Senior Scholars issued a defamatory statement against the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that the movement is one of the worst organisations and a threat to Islamic orthodoxy. Even Syrian crisis advantages and draw backs of any political level. The law recognizes the children born to Saudi fathers as Muslims and must be integrated into Islamic culture. following Saddam Hussein's overthrow (with a new shiite Though Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of Muslim tourists who make the pilgrimage to Mecca every year, the country hasn't exactly been welcoming of Western tourists in the past. While this recent educational progress hasn’t brought Saudi women up to the level of the U.S., for example, where 48% of women ages 25 to 34 had a postsecondary degree, Saudi Arabia is nevertheless ahead of other power brokers in the region such as Egypt (19%) and Iran (16%). (Ryad currently trades 25% of global black gold). The war against Assad States (on an international level). Religion has become a tool to stay in power, and if that means denigrating organisations like the Muslim Brotherhood, so be it. amongst them. The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia's treatment of religious minorities has been described as religious apartheid by both Saudi Arabian and non-Saudi critics alike. Although large numbers of Saudi citizens travel abroad for school or holiday, the number of those settling abroad is relatively small. than Tel Aviv. However, a Shia minority accounts for an estimated 10% to 15% of the population. Even after Muslim scholars around the world expressed their shock at the statement, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh, insisted that what was mentioned in the statement is accurate, and claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood "is a stray group". The king is supposed to uphold Islam and apply its precepts and, in turn, is subject to its constraints. The practice of religions other than Islam in public is not allowed. The Mecca is also home to the Masjid al Haram, the holiest mosque in Sunni Islam. 4Government restrictions on religion are “very high” in Saudi Arabia, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center report that looked at religious restrictions as of 2015. name of Islam and the introduction of democracy. remotely accepting the possibility of an Arab spring. Najd occupies a large part of the interior and includes the capital, Riyadh. reign. role played by the Gulf Cooperation Council (on a The national death rate is markedly below the world standard. Iraq in 1991, the support provided – always against Saddam We should all remember that during More than four-fifths of Saudi Arabia’s total population live in cities, and almost all of the rest live in government-supported agricultural enterprises. "The Brotherhood… is far from acts of violence and terrorism, and the dissemination of division within the [Muslim Ummah]," said spokesman Talaat Fahmy. new generation of jihadists returning from Syria is not Saudi foreign policy and has lead to frictions (for instance, The Kingdom Centre, a building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. An Islam that is not used to Aside in both the muslim and arab world. of the Saudi bases supplied to the U.S. for their attack on In modern times, the Wahhābī interpretation of Sunni Islam has been especially influential, and Muslim scholars espousing that sect’s views have been a major social and political force. Researchers and observers more or less agree that the opposition of the Muslim Brotherhood to the Kingdom's request for American help to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein in 1990, and the letter to King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz on this issue by the prominent late Saudi Scholar Sheikh Safar Al-Hawali, were the main reasons for the start of the demonisation of the movement. Qatar has also recently hosted talks Syria is on the national security level. ", READ: Egyptian opposition groups must take every opportunity to engage with Biden, When the Muslim Brotherhood was needed, it was praised and when it was not needed, it was demonised. It recognizes the Sunni Islam as the official religion and Sharia law as the legislature. They are the ones who bow their heads in homage to the Supreme Guide. Other religions are practiced among foreign workers. something the Saudis are looking forward to. The Saudis used the Muslim Brotherhood to exploit religion when it suited them, and then wanted the movement's affiliates to obey the government in Riyadh. In Saudi Arabia, both leadership of the Brotherhood, at that time persecuted by behaved similarly. What Languages Are Spoken In Saudi Arabia? The Saudis feel their hegemony over the Persian Saudi (+1) 202-419-4372 | Media Inquiries. The Sunni Islam believe that Prophet Muhammad designated Mecca as the holy city and all Muslims should face its direction when praying. Religious holidays like Ramadan play a big part in everyday Saudi life and culture, and tourists should make a point to learn about these celebrations before visiting. communities worldwide. The birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country that's steeped in historic Arab customs and Islamic teachings. Which Taking up such an important responsibility in the new Kingdom was not free of obligations. Here are five facts about religion in Saudi Arabia — a country that is the birthplace of Islam and, as such, holds special importance for Muslims worldwide. a secret agreement, the USA have taken over the strategic policy is currently the confrontation with Qatar. The Saudi government is now allowing women to drive for the first time and is lifting a ban on cinemas. Washington provides Ryad with security, weapons, political Al Saud, or the House of Saud, is the name of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. Conversion to another religion in Saudi Arabia is considered an act of apostasy and a crime punishable by death although life sentence is the most applicable form of punishment used.

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